“VIEWPOINTS” – the multimedia installation by Swiss artist Brigitte Moeckli and Denver drummer Andreas Schmid will be on display at Denver’s Bitfactory after showing twice in Zurich, Switzerland and in the South of France.

Once a month over a period of one year, the two artists exchanged photographs they each took of scenes they came across in their daily lives. These pictures were the source for improvised drum compositions which were later mixed together to create the soundtrack for the visual installation, projecting the animated and partially redirected photographs as a time sequence.

“VIEWPOINTS” creates an awareness of time and space as a visual flow where actual physical locality loses its significance. The images invite the viewer to travel through a dream world where different themes create space for personal interpretations and reflections.

The photographs (aluminum plates) as well as the soundtrack (CD) of the installation will be available for sale.

“VIEWPOINTS” runs from 08/16-09/12
at Bitfactory, on
851 Santa Fe Dr., Denver

For more information, visit BITFACTORY’s Exhibition page, their Facebook Page, or by phone at 303.862.9367

There are a few events going along with the exhibition:

  • August 16th: Opening Reception: 6pm-9pm (past)

  • September 6th: Santa Fe Art District Walk

  • September 12th: Closing concert with Bill Frisell