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Greetings SAFS Membership,

It’s hard to believe that summer is already here and our First of August celebration is just around the corner. This year our annual celebration of Switzerland’s birthday will take place on July 28th at 3:00 pm at the TEV Edelweiss pavilion in Morrison Colorado. Please find additional details about the event and the registration form in the newsletter.

Thanks to all of you that attended our SAFS tour of the Pilatus facility in Broomfield. We received lot of positive feedback about the event. Everyone had great time. It’s nice to have such and iconic Swiss company in our own backyard.

On July 2nd, the SAFS hosted a special Stammtisch featuring Swissinfo staff discussing Swiss politics with SAFS members. There is a nice write up about the history of SAFS and video links to some of the interviews of SAFS members on the Swissinfo website as well as the Swissinfo Facebook page.

Happy summer and hope to see you all at the First of August celebration!


Peter Brandner

SAFS President


President: Peter Brandner

Vice President: Bradley Miller

Treasurer/ Membership: René Sonderegger

Secretary: Suzanne Eugster

Social Media: Karl Freiburghaus

Newsletter Editor: Vacant

Culinary Guru: Ruedi Elsener

Event Coordinators: Barbara Fayeulle, Christie Moran, Fritz Bart, Kathy Freiburghaus